Frequently Asked Questions

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and is essential for the structure and density of the skin. Approximately 80% of young and healthy skin consists of collagen. Creating our skin structure and strengthening our bones is one of the most important functions of collagen.

There are multiple and different collagen stocks in our body. The most common collagens are type 1, type 2 and type 3. Different types of collagen are found in different parts of the body. Collagen type 2 should be used for the joint area. Type 1 and type 3 are collagen in the skin, which provide skin renewal. In short, collagen types have different effects in different regions.

Neopro Collagen ORTEX is 100% bovine collagen sourced. Neopro Collagen Plus is 100% fish collagen sourced.

According to expert opinions, the amount of natural collagen in our body decreases by 1% every year from the age of 25 and older. As a result, ageing and symptoms begin. Collagen support is recommended for the establishment and protection of skin health and joint and bone integrity.

The main difference between the two types of Collagen is that one is from fish and the other is from cattle. There is no difference in terms of health between the two types of Collagen if they are in the same form. The benefits of both collagen to the body are similar.

When regular use is provided, Fish Collagen is more beneficial for the skin, while Bovine Collagen is more useful for bones.

Neopro Collagen ORTEX is specially produced for your joint and cartilage health thanks to the bovine-derived Type 2 Collagen and components.

Neopro Collagen PLUS is specially produced for your skin, hair and nail health with its fish-derived Type 1-3 Collagen and components.

Neopro Collagen ORTEX box content consists of 60 tablets. Take 2 tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, with a glass of water.

Neopro Collagen PLUS is recommended to be consumed once a day in the morning with 250 ml of water on a full stomach.

According to scientific researches, a difference is observed at the end of 4 weeks. There will be visible differences from the 8th week.

According to scientific researches, no side effects have been observed. It is recommended to consult your doctor for special cases.

No. As a result of the researches, no link has been observed between weight gain and Collagen. On the contrary, Collagen protein gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. Although it does not cause weight loss directly, it indirectly affects weight loss positively because of this feeling of satiety created.

There is no study examining the effects of collagen on pregnant and breastfeeding women. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Neopro Collagen products are completely domestic production and do not contain any pork or pork products.

Collagen peptides are not suitable for vegetarians as they originate from cattle and fish.

Some components in the collagen formula may have interactions with some drugs that may affect their effectiveness. Always consult your doctor before using any Collagen supplement with the medication.

Our products using first class raw materials are produced in AKY PHARMA facility with GMP and ISO certification. Origin: Turkey

Yes, you can continue it. It should be used regularly on a daily basis to get the maximum benefit from the product. If you forget, you can safely continue the product from the day it is left.