NEOPRO COLLAGEN was not just produced as a support of collagen production. It is well-known that our body cannot produce collagen from the age of 30 and the amount of collagen decreases regularly every year. A known fact today is that we can support our collagen production by taking collagen from external source. For this reason, collagen intake is important from the age of 30.

NEOPRO COLLAGEN is a powerful food supplement with strong anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in it, as well as collagen support. It does not only support skin regeneration, but also prevents the formation of deep wrinkles, repairs and protects joint and cartilage damage. While NEOPRO COLLAGEN contributes to the normal functions of the immune system, it helps regulate our body’s energy metabolism.

NEOPRO COLLAGEN is more than just a collagen for you.

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