We are getting old like everyone else. The Oxford Dictionary defines ageing as ”reaching the end of useful life.” Of course, that definition does not sound good to us. There are many aesthetic treatments to look younger; and many of us practice these aesthetic treatments and procedures.

Although ageing is a genetically programmed process, it is affected by environmental factors, eating habits, diseases that we had and are still having. So despite being the same age, not everyone ages at the same rate. We cannot stop aging, but we can acquire a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

As stated by the experts, aesthetic procedures and treatments are not enough for Healthy Ageing. We know that it is important to take the right anti-oxidants, collagen supplements that provide collagen production, vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity and time.

Our lifestyle will affect the process of getting older positively. A healthy lifestyle can be defined in particular as exercising, eating a healthy and balanced diet, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol and taking the right support products.

Rather than getting old, we should acquire a lifelong health and healthy lifestyle habits. We should not forget that age is actually just a number.

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